Fourzam (AKA IntoNow)

Shazam is an amazing music discovery engine. It allows you to identify, buy and share any song that is playing. Just hold your phone to the speaker and shazam!

Foursquare, Gowalla and a few others allow you to share your location with friends. The promise is that you can find friends nearby and explore new places.

Put these two concepts together and you get IntoNow. It allows you to connect with your friends around the TV you love. Just hold your phone up to the TV, IntoNow identifies the show or commercial, and shares this with your friends.

What I find interesting about this integration of tools and technologies. These mashups are not just for MIT grads with some startup cash, Marketers should take the time to understand what is possible with their own tools and technologies.

Here is an example of how marketers are using this: Tag a TV Ad, Get a Free Pepsi