Krispy Kreme’s New CMO understands Social Media

In a recent Ad Age article interview by Maureen Morrison, Dwayne Chambers, the new Krispy Kreme CMO, provides his perspective on marketing the resurgent doughnut brand.

In a time when social media feels very much like the .com hype in 2000, I am thrilled to see that Mr. Chambers understand how companies can better leverage the power of social media. Mr. Chambers describes the opportunity that we are all enamored with: “Today, if you have 1,000 who love your brand, they could immediately tell 100,000 people who could tell 100,000.”

However, his primary focus is not making iPhone apps, augmented reality tools, or build your own doughnut contests. His focus is with the primary customer touch-point and epicenter of word of mouth, employees. “The ability for us to connect with our team members and guests in the store is important. We’re going to continue to spend as much as 50% of time and effort internally turning every team member we have into a brand marketer.”

If we believe the power of social media is true, 1,000 turns into 100,000, then we should all be scrambling to get our house in order to drive employee brand advocacy before we start chasing the latest shiny toys.


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