Does it take Twitter to provide good customer service?

Growing at 1000% with about 10million users and lots of mainstream buzz makes Twitter an attractive platform. However, the real business benefits of Twitter are also clear, immediate conversations with users who choose to follow you.

Many organizations have found success using Twitter for customer support functions. For example, Comcast set up an account called “ComcastCares” that’s dedicated to answering Comcast support questions it detects from monitoring Twitter and Bank of America is answering online banking questions from its customers on Twitter.

While some marketers have found success on Twitter by answering customer questions real-time, they key takeaway is that customer want more immediate and responsive support. So what about the majority of your customers who don’t tweet?

Instead of Twitter companies need to focus on how they can address changing consumer needs and expectations. Two key reasons for this: the micro-blogging fad may fade as quickly as it came and by focusing on consumer needs instead of the latest trends marketers can leverage a variety of channels and technologies to help customers accomplish their goals.

Offering interactive chat on the corporate website, developing a mobile site or application or providing shorter response times for email support are other ways to help keep your customers happy. These existing channels serve a broader audience, provide better analytics and tracking, and allow marketers to better deliver the message and potentially cross-sell.

So, in addition to experimenting authentically with emerging channels, marketers must focus on the customer needs and push these learning’s across marketing channels and consumer touch points.


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